Virtual Mirror

Virtual Mirror system
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Virtual Mirror system

Our Virtual Mirror enhances the visualization of customized consumer articles like:

  • shoes
  • clothes
  • jewelry
  • etc.

Instead of viewing yourself in a real mirror to verify the appearance of apparels, highly sophisticated 3D image processing techniques are used to visualize the look of new products without the need to actually put them on. A camera captures the real world and outputs the mirrored image onto a large display which replaces the real mirror. The 3D movements of the person are tracked in realtime and computer graphics models of the consumer articles are augmented into the video such that the person seams to wear the virtual objects.



  • Augmented reality visualization without glasses or other technical aids
  • Combination of real and virtual parts in one world
  • Visualization and customization of virtual products in real environments
  • Possible applications of the system are the visualization of customized shoes, clothes, jewelry, glasses or hairstyles



  • High-end augmented reality technique
  • Highly sophisticated image processing techniques allow real-time experience
  • Simple hardware architecture for more reliability