Guideline cover photo on optical 3D Measurement
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Guideline cover photo on optical 3D Measurement

Guideline on Optical 3D Measurement -
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Guideline release date: October 2021

Guideline on Optical 3D Measurement - Date of Release: October 2021

Optical 3D Measurement#

Fraunhofer Vision Guideline Series Volume 21

Fraunhofer Vision Guideline Series

Knowing about the possibilities and limitations of the latest technologies is an important prerequisite for the successful implementation of image processing in the production.

The Fraunhofer Vision guideline series wants to contribute to this goal. We release one volume per year, each volume dealing with one specific topic in the field of industrial image processing and describing the potential of the technology in several areas of application as simply and concretely as possible, in order to facilitate access to the topic for potential users.

The guidelines are published in German and are mainly designated for the German speaking market.
In 2021, a release of the »Guideline on Optical 3D Measurement« will be published which appeared as volume 14 in 2014.

Optical 3D Measurement

The exact observation of geometric dimensions is very important for the quality assurance in production and manufacturing. The measuring with mechanical gauges or coordinate measuring machines is time-consuming and thus can only be performed on some samples. A lot of tasks can be resolved much faster with contactless optical measurement.

Optical measurement systems support the development and qualification of new products, secure and objectify production processes and enable fast quality control loops in the production cycle. Furthermore, it is nowadays possible to measure with high accuracy the structures inside an object made out of nearly every material.


Planned contents

In a combination of theoretical and practical articles, the Guideline on Optical 3D Measurement will deliver an overview about the area of optical 3d measurement:

  • Basics, procedures and methods
  • Typical areas of application
  • Evaluation, software and algorithms
  • Norms, standards and guidelines



Companies offering image processing or optical 3d measuring systems or components in the field of industrial image processing or optical 3d measureing are invited to place an advertisement in the guideline. The available space for advertisements is limited. Early bookings are preferred and the advertisement should meet the technical purpose of the guideline.


Marketing conception

The guidelines are distributed among chosen readers in industry, R&D and science and are meant for really interested readers only. The main groups of readers who are addressed are potential appliers of machine vision or optical 3d measuring systems who should be offered not only the technical articles themselves but advertisements of system and components providers at the same time. The guidelines are designed for a long term use but are nevertheless very up to date. Advertisements should be adjusted to that goal.



Although all arcticles in the guideline for industrial image processing will be written in German, the language of the advertisements can be English as well.