AI-based AR-software for assembly line support and quality control

Industrial assembly lines vary considerably. Some operate with frequent changes of product setup, while others are characterized by complex processes and the need for intense coordination between frontline workers and backroom experts. Fraunhofer IGD has combined augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help users meet the challenges of modern production.

Visit us at Control 2024 to experience the MARQUIS demonstrator, an innovative AR-based assembly workstation by Fraunhofer IGD, revolutionizing industrial assembly processes. MARQUIS integrates cutting-edge research in Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality to provide real-time support and verification. The system enhances efficiency by automatically recognizing parts, verifying steps, and providing instant feedback to workers, ensuring precision and quality. This intuitive tool reduces training needs and preempts errors, directly overlaying critical information in the camera view for a seamless assembly experience. In this way, manufacturers can reduce error rates and eliminate cost-intensive downtimes.

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AR based assembly workstation Marquis

MARQUIS combines various current research disciplines, including Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Augmented Reality. Permanently installed cameras at the assembly workstation capture the assembly process from different perspectives and the specially developed software continuously checks and accompanies it. The software takes on several tasks:

  • Component Detection: Automated recognition and sequential visual highlighting of parts at the assembly workstation, guided by neural network-trained object detection, streamlining the assembly process.
  • Component Orientation and Position: Accurate 3D spatial estimation and alignment verification of components, ensuring precise assembly with no protruding edges.
  • Error Detection & Verification: Real-time error detection and millimeter-accurate tracking of component position and orientation, with continuous process verification.
  • AR Visualization: Augmented Reality interface overlays essential information directly onto the camera feed for an integrated visual guide.


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