Overview of industrial image processing technologies

Fields of competence of Fraunhofer's Business Unit Vision


Inspection of Surfaces

Surface inspection is a traditional field of industrial image processing and has proven itself for many years in many different applications.


Optical 3D measurement

The correctness of geometric dimensions is of major importance in quality assurance.


Heat Flow thermography

Heat flow thermography can be used to find near-surface defects in materials.


X-ray technology

X-ray technology can be used to find defects below the surface or inside components.


Terahertz measurement

Terahertz radiation combines several advantages of the adjacent spectral ranges and is characterized by a high penetration capacity.


Non-destructive testing

Hidden defects such as blowholes, pores or defective joints are barely visible from the outside, but can have a quality-reducing and safety-critical effect.


Acoustic quality testing

Acquisition, analysis and evaluation of (body) sound to assess the quality of objects or processes.


Hyperspectral image processing

Hyperspectral sensor systems generate images that provide an entire spectrogram of the corresponding point of the observed scene.