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This study, carried out by Fraunhofer's Business Unit Vision, gives an overview of the application and dissemination of optical 3D measurement technologies in the production and development lines of the German automotive and supplying industry. Several thousand selected users from all stages of the automotive value chain took part in the study. The incorporation of equally constructed surveys from the years 1999 and 2003 made it possible to identify long-term trends. The objective of the study was to obtain a differentiated view of new optical 3D measurement technologies in contrast to traditionally applied tactile methods. The main issues covered are the description of typical measurement requirements and objects, details of the measurement procedure and information about user behaviour, as well as potential improvements concerning hardware, software and service.

Furthermore, suppliers of optical 3D measurement technologies are listed within the framework of structured profiles. General market data concerning the automotive and supplying industry and the areas of industrial image processing and 3D measurement technology are provided. The approximately 90-page publication is available as a four color print hard copy or electronically as a PDF document and can be ordered via the Fraunhofer Business Unit Vision webshop.

3D Measuring Market Study
3D Measuring Market Study


  • Introduction

    Objective of the study
    Procedures and methods
  • General market representation

    User market
    Suplier market
    Science sector
  • Results and analysis of te survey

    3D measuremnt technology used
    Typical object measured
    Execution of the measurement
    Adaptation to new 3D measurement technology
    Potential for improvement
    Proposals of participants
  • Supply situation of the optical 3D measurement technology

    Procedures and technologies
    Guidelines and standards for testing
    Manufacturers of optical 3D measurement systems


Title Market Study optical 3D Measuring Technology in the German
Automotive and Supplying Industry
Publisher Fraunhofer Business Unit Vision
Publishing House Fraunhofer Verlag, Stuttgart
Length 94 pages
Layout Four color print paperback
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ISBN 978-3-8396-0087-0
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