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It is not always easy to decide which quality assurance testing method for the user is best-suited because for most applications image processing systems are still not off-the-shelf products. Often, it is necessary to choose from a wide range of different measuring methods depending on which is best-suited for requirements, such as material properties, measuring accuracy or permissible test time. The training and further education offered by Fraunhofer's Business Unit Vision can assist decision-making. There are serveral events and workshops available to participate.



Training Workshops

Our two-day training workshops can help clarify the decision process. In addition to the conveyance of basic theoretical principles and the introduction of example solutions, our workshops offer the opportunity to inspect your own sample parts in the practical part and test the proffered methods in small groups.


Video Seminars

The »Image Processing Practice Platform« offers a series of video seminars on image processing technologies on demand for self-study, independent of time and location.


Technology Days

The Fraunhofer Business Unit Vision Technology Days offer a comprehensive insight into the field of image processing and optical measuring with an overview of their current technologies, which are further illustrated by examples of previously successful solutions.


Participation in Trade Fairs

Every year at the Control, Fraunhofer's Business Unit Vision presents a range of new special subjects focusing on image processing and measuring systems designed for production quality assurance.


Overview of Events


A listing of all Fraunhofer Business Unit Vision events can be found here.

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