Technology Days

Innovative Technologies for Industrial Quality Assurance Using Image Processing



The Fraunhofer Business Unit Vision Technology Days offer a comprehensive insight into the field of image processing and optical measuring with an overview of their current technologies, which are further illustrated by examples of previously successful solutions. In addition, participants can get a glimpse into the future of a variety of up and coming technologies.

Target audience

The Fraunhofer Business Unit Vision Technology Days were intended for representatives of nearly all industrial sectors including research and development, who are interested in the practical applications of image processing technologies. The accompanying exhibition offers a communication platform to broaden the dialogue and to foster cooperation with experts.

Range of Information

  • Short lectures
  • Exhibition
  • Exchange of opinions and experiences with experts

Topics and Technologies

Inspection and Characterization of Surfaces

Colorful, patterned, transparent, highly reflective or free formed surfaces; micro- and nanostructures, surface evaluation and image fusion.

Optical 3D Measurement and Object Recognition

3D measurement technology, production-integrated systems, roundness monitoring of even the smallest holes, optical tracking, initial measurement and monitoring of measuring systems, automatic configuration, ensurance of measuring and testing capability, handling wide ranges of variants, mobile 3D measuring technology.

Technologies for the Testing Inside Materials

such as x-ray technology, thermography, ultrasound or eddy current

  • x-ray tomography in the product development process, inline tomography of castings, 3D pore space geometry, x-ray cameras
  • Puls-phase-thermography, spectrally resolved thermography
  • Detection of surface structures on complex free formed surfaces with air ultrasound

Terahertz Imaging

  • Terahertz imaging for quality assurance
  • Testing of adhesion properties by means of thermography and shearography combined
  • handheld terahertz scanner for mobile non-destructive testing with terahertz