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Fraunhofer Business Unit Vision

The Vision business unit at Fraunhofer is an association of specialist departments from several Fraunhofer Institutes that work together and pool their expertise in the fields of industrial image processing, machine vision and optical measurement and testing technology.
Cooperation in the network makes it possible to identify market requirements at an early stage and to jointly tackle technological challenges. With a clear focus on applied research, the common goal is to make new developments applicable under industrial conditions and to provide an optimal solution for the respective need.
The spectrum of technologies ranges from the visible range (e.g. surface inspection or optical 3D measuring) to measurement and inspection techniques for the interior of materials, i.e. in wavelength ranges invisible to the human eye, such as heat flow thermography, X-ray, ultrasound or terahertz, but which are becoming increasingly important in practical applications. The technology spectrum is extended by acoustic methods for quality assurance, which can be used to complement imaging methods.
Standard cameras are used as imaging sensors, but also special solutions such as X-ray or infrared cameras. Prototypes of application-specific complete solutions for industrial image processing and optical measuring and testing technology are offered, including all handling components, which can often be integrated directly into the production line and operate in the production cycle. A close network of relationships with vision partners from industry and science complements the capabilities of the Fraunhofer Vision Institutes.
The Fraunhofer Vision Business Unit regularly organizes technology congresses and workshops on current topics, coordinates joint trade fair appearances and publishes technical publications.
The central office in Fürth is available as the first contact point for potential interested parties and customers on the topic of image processing.

Contact point for
image processing

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  • Regular technology congresses

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    industrial image processing
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Advisory council

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Cooperation among institutes at Fraunhofer

Fraunhofer business units, networks or research fields work together in order to provide best solutions for customers in their respective field


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