Special Show »Non-Contact Measurement Technology«

What is the Special Show »Non-Contact Measurement Technology«?

Every year at the international trade fair for quality assurance »Control« in Stuttgart, the Special Show »Non-Contact Measurement Technology« presents innovative and future-oriented systems that work with non-contact measurement methods. Since 2005, it has become an well-established venue for the industry and a favored communication platform for exchanging information on developments and innovations in the field of non-contact optical measuring and testing technology.

The Special Show has been organized for almost twenty years by Fraunhofer Business Unit Vision in cooperation with the Control trade fair organizer, P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG.

Who is exhibiting at the Special Show?

Exhibitors at the joint booth are companies, research institutes and universities active in this field, who will demonstrate the efficiency of non-contact measuring and testing technology using clear exhibits and concrete applications. Applications for a booth space are always possible in October for the coming trade fair year.

Which technologies will be exhibited?

A wide range of innovative, non-contact technologies will be exhibited, such as:

  • Light section
  • Strip projection
  • Photogrammetry
  • White-light interferometry
  • Holography
  • Convocal measurement methods
  • Time of Flight
  • Measurement techniques that operate in the non-visible part of the wavelength spectrum, such as thermography, X-ray, ultrasound or terahertz measurement techniques, or spectroscopic methods such as hyperspectral imaging

The confection of demand-driven measurement systems also depends on the forward-looking development and availability of suitable sensors, cameras and components. Therefore, the Special Show also offers space for the presentation of future-oriented solutions in this area.

What is the goal of the Special Show?

The Special Show aims to help increase the awareness and acceptance of non-contact measurement technology by using selected exhibits to demonstrate the design principles, characteristics and limitations of the new measurement possibilities.

Become an exhibitor at the Special Show


Special Show »Non-Contact Measurement Technology«

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Special Show: Facts & Figures



  • Hall 8
  • Area: approx. 300 square meters
  • Number of exhibits: approx. 10-15
  • Positioned directly next to the Fraunhofer Vision booth

Scope of services

  • Booth area: Standard booth (2.5 m x 2.5 m) or corner booth (3 m x 3 m)
  • Basic furniture/electricity
  • General infrastructure and logistics (information desk, storage, meeting areas, cleaning, booth security, basic supplies, etc.)
  • Entry in the trade fair directory
  • Exhibitor passes and ticket codes
  • Press and public relations work

Control: Facts & Figures



Stuttgart trade fair center


Next date

May 6th to 9th, 2025


Key trade fair statistics 2023

  • 21,310 visitors from 75 countries
  • 589 exhibitors
  • Exhibition space: 42,000 square meters


  • Measurement technology
  • Materials inspection
  • Analysis equipment
  • Optoelectronics
  • QA-systems/-service

Previous trade fair appearances

Special Show 2023

Topics: Non-contact measuring and testing systems, components such as sensors, cameras or camera systems, software for image processing