Image Processing: Solutions through Machine Vision

Fraunhofer Vision – A Research Network for Industrial Quality Assurance


Automatic image processing and machine vision are basic activities of the Vision Institutes within Fraunhofer. The main goal of Fraunhofer Vision is the development of new or improved devices for industrial inspection. Video cameras, infrared cameras as well as X-ray cameras are used for imaging. We can provide turn key solutions including automated handling systems. In finding solutions for each project our customers' options are expanded by the exchange of knowledge and experience between the Institutes involved in the network. This is further complimented by an even wider network of related companies and universities with which Fraunhofer Vision works.


Training Workshops

It is not always easy to decide whether or not a new technology is well-suited for your applications. Our two-day training workshops can help clarify the decision process. In addition to the conveyance of basic theoretical principles and the introduction of example solutions, our workshops offer the opportunity to get hands-on experience of inspecting your own sample parts using the methods and technologies learned on the workshop. Currently the following workshops are being offered (in German only):

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