Terahertz measurement technology as non-destructive testing method

What is terahertz technology?

Terahertz measurement technology is a technique that works with electromagnetic radiation at frequencies in the terahertz range. With terahertz technology materials such as plastics, ceramics, paper, fiber-reinforced composites or similar non-metallic materials can be examined for internal defects. In addition, terahertz radiation can be used to detect, identify and analyze organic substances, drugs, medicines or explosives.

The areas of application are in laboratory analysis, process measurement technology and safety engineering. Increasingly, terahertz systems are also being used in quality assurance, for example for non-destructive testing of coating thicknesses, plastic components or for coating thickness measurement of paintwork.

Terahertz radiation is the electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range between 0.1 and 10 THz and thus is capable  of penetrating matter that is opaque to visible and infrared light. It is low-energy and therefore not harmful to health.


Which are  the different terahertz  technologies?

  • Time domain spectroscopy (TDS)
  • Continuously emitting, purely electronic terahertz systems
  • Continuously emitting, opto-electronic terahertz systems

Application areas of terahertz measurement technology

Application areas of terahertz measurement technology

  • Non-contact coating thickness measurement, e.g. of multilayer coatings
  • Security technology: e.g. identification of drugs and explosives
  • Pharmacy and chemistry
  • Materials research
  • Lightweight construction: detection, identification and localization of defects in composite materials, plastics processing e.g. detection of  internal bubbles during the casting process
  • Maintenance, service and repair of large, non-transportable components made of plastic, fiber composite or ceramics using hand scanners

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