Guideline for Industrial Image Processing

Industrial Image Processing

Fraunhofer Vision Guideline Series Volume 20

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Fraunhofer Vision Guideline Series

Knowing about the possibilities and limitations of the latest technologies is an important prerequisite for the successful implementation of image processing in the production.

The Fraunhofer Vision Guideline Series wants to contribute to this goal.

We release one volume per year, each volume dealing with one specific topic in the field of industrial image processing and describing the potential of the technology in several fields of application as simply and concretely as possible, in order to facilitate access to the topic for potential users.

The volume 20 is the third, completely revised edition of the first volume with which the Fraunhofer Vision Guideline Series once had started. It offers technical orientation in the dynamic and constantly changing field of machine vision.

The guidelines are published in German and are mainly designated for the German speaking market.



  • Introduction and overview
  • Industrial range of applications
  • Benefits of image processing
    • customer demands, quality, economics, limitations, etc.
  • Techncial basics
    • illumination, illustration optics (lenses), cameras, electronics, software, mechanics, etc.
  • Project running
    • inquiry and offer, provider selection, specification, system realization, etc.
  • Standards and guidelines
  • References
    • literature, journals, (further) education, associations, trade fairs, etc.
  • Presentation of providers
    • based on appropriate advertisements


Title Guideline for Industrial Image Processing (Leitfaden zur industriellen Bildverarbeitung)
Publishing Company
Fraunhofer Verlag, Stuttgart
Michael Sackewitz, Fraunhofer Business Unit Vision
Publishing Year
Layout paperback, 4 colours
Price 35,00 Euro (gross price); 32,71 Euro (net price) (7 % VAT included)
ISBN 978-3-8396-1649-9
Office Fraunhofer Business Unit Vision