Hyperspectral image processing

Spectroscopy is a group of well known measuring methods with which certain chemical and physical material qualities and/or ingridients of an object can be measured. In the infrared spectral range, such methods are used, for example, to determine the chemical composition of food ("infrared spectroscopy"). Basicly, spectroscopy is not an imaging method. Due to modern sensor technology, however, spectroscopical information can now be registered with high resolution and high speed. Such imaging sensor systems are now more and more available on the market at acceptable prices. They generate images which provide for each pixel an entire spectrogram of the corresponding point of the observed scene. Hyperspectral imaging deals with the processing and analysis of these images. The technology opens up enormous application potentials for the future, e.g. in industrial quality control.


Typical areas of application of hyperspectral image processing

  • Food and agricultural products
  • Raw materials (minerals, wood, glass)
  • Recycling
  • Medicine
  • Life science