Training and Further Education

Considering 3D measuring technology, X-ray tomography, heat flux thermography, shearography, terahertz measuring technology or image capture by means of the latest camera technology, it is not always easy to decide which quality assurance testing method for the user is best-suited because for most applications, image processing systems are still not off-the-shelf products. Often, it is necessary to choose from a wide range of different measuring methods depending on which is best suited for requirements, such as material properties, measuring accuracy or permissible test time. The training and further education offered by Fraunhofer's Business Unit Vision can assist decision-making.

Training Workshops Show Possibilities and Limits

Workshops which include practical training are established on the topics optical 3D measuring, heat flux thermography,inspection and characterization of surfaces and X-ray technology. These have been very popular. Within the framework of the workshops, basic theoretical principles of different measuring technologies are conveyed to the participants and are further illustrated by examples of previously successful solutions. Participants can bring their own parts and get hands-on experience testing them with different technologies.

Technology Days Offer a Comprehensive Insight

The Fraunhofer's Business Unit Vision Technology Days have been an annual event since 2008. Short presentations give an overview of the current status of different technologies and about their possibilities and limits. In addition, participants can get a glance into the future at a variety of up and coming technologies with imaging methods that include terahertz and microwaves, which might play a significant role in the field of quality assurance. Technology Days presents the latest developments of image processing systems implementing informative lectures and exhibitions.