System for fast inline measurement of 3D surfaces with sub-µ accuracy HoloTop

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Use in machine tool and wireless measurement result transmission and display on tablet for the employee.

Systems of the HoloTop sensor family from Fraunhofer IPM enable fast and highly accurate 3D measurement of component surfaces directly in the production line. Systems are currently available for detecting surfaces between 15 × 15 mm² and 200 × 150 mm² with lateral resolutions between 3 and 30 µm and accuracies down to less than 0.2 µm (3σ). HoloTop systems are used, for example, in the quality control of precision metallic surfaces (especially sealing surfaces) or electronic components (microbump structures or high-current circuit boards).

At the Control stand, a ready-to-use HoloTop 9M18 system will be presented, which enables the measurement of an area of 18 × 18 mm² with 9 million 3D points in less than 60 ms. Single point repeatabilities of less than 1 µm (3σ) are achieved under production conditions. The quality of the measurement data will be illustrated using various sample specimens, but there will also be the opportunity to measure your own specimens live.


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