LAwave - Surface acoustic wave tester – Fast and non-destructive mechanical testing of coatings and surfaces

The LAwave® laser acoustic method is used to determine the effective mechanical properties of coatings and surfaces. Its wide range of applications allows it to be used in research and quality control in an industrial environment.

The LAwave® technology developed by the Fraunhofer IWS is a fast and non-destructive method for the mechanical characterization of surfaces and coatings and is based on laser acoustic surface wave spectroscopy. By determining the effective modulus of elasticity of the coatings and the substrate, material-related and production-related characteristics in the material are precisely determined. The method makes it possible to measure coatings in the range of a few nanometers to one millimeter as well as changes to surfaces. For example, it recognizes the influence of pores, cracks, delamination, interfering layers, textures and other process parameters. Due to this high degree of flexibility, it can be used for the following surfaces and coating technologies:

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Fast and non-destructive characterization of brake disk coatings with the LAwave® method.
  • CVD and PVD coatings,
  • thermal spraying and laser cladding,
  • generated volume materials,
  • hardened and nitrided surfaces,
  • sawing and processing damage, e.g. on semiconductor materials.
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LAwave® measuring system for fast and non-destructive characterization of small and medium-sized components.


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