Fraunhofer Vision Publications

Guideline Series for Image Processing

Knowing about the possibilities and limitations of the newest technologies is an important prerequisite for the successful implementation of image processing in the production. Our Guideline Series describes the possibilities of modern image processing as simply and concretely as possible in order to facilitate access to the topic for potential users. Each year, we release a new volume about a relevant topic.

3D Measuring Technology Market Study

The long-term Market Study "3D Measuring Technology in the German Automotive and Supplying Industry" of Fraunhofer's Business Unit Vision was conceived as a combined quantitative and qualitative analysis to offer support to users and suppliers of 3D measuring technology. Furthermore, it is beneficial to decision makers, who require this type of market relevant information intended for the practical application of technologies in the industrial environment.

The study offers differentiating views of new optical 3D measurement technologies in contrast to traditionally applied tactile methods. The main issues covered are the description of typical measurement requirements and objects, details of the measurement procedure, information about user preferences, as well as potential improvements concerning hardware, software and service.