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Guideline 19 Cover Hyperspectral Imaging

Guideline on Hyperspectral Imaging - Volume 19

Guideline for Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral Imaging

Fraunhofer Vision Guideline Series Volume 19

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Fraunhofer Vision Guidelines on Image Processing

Knowing about the possibilities and limitations of the newest technologies is an important prerequisite for the successful implementation of image processing in the production.
The Fraunofer Vision Guideline Series comprises more than a dozen volumes. Each volume focuses on a specific topic of industrial image processing and describes the potentiality of the technology in several fields of application as simply and concretely as possible in order to facilitate access to the topic for potential users. Each year, we release a new volume about a relevant topic.
The guidelines are published in German and are mainly designated for the German speaking market.


Hyperspectral Imaging

Spectroscopy is a group of well known measuring methods with which certain chemical or physical material qualities or ingredients of objects can be measured. In the infrared spectrum these methods are for example used to determine the chemical composition of food.

Basicly, spectroscopy is no image providing method. Due to modern sensor technology, however, spectroscopical information can now be registered with high resolution and high speed. Such imaging sensor systems are more and more available on the market at acceptable prices. They offer images which provide for each pixel an entire spectrogram of the observed scene. Hyperspectral imaging deals with the processing and analysis of these images and offers a lot of potential for future applications in industrial quality assurance.



  • Fundamentals of spectroscopy
  • Fundamentals of multispectral and hyperspectral methods
  • Methods of hyperspectral image acquisition (detectors, cameras, illumination, ....)
  • Image processing: recovery of hyperspectral data, data reduction and chemometry, classification of data
  • Typical applications in fields such as food, raw material (minerals, glass, wood), recycling, medicine, life sciences, automotive, etc.
Fraunhofer Vision Leitfaden zur hyperspektralen Bildverarbeitung
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Title Guideline for Hyperspectral Imaging (Leitfaden zur hyperspektralen Bildverarbeitung)
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