Software Development for the Inspection of Optics


The production of modern precision optics places very high demands on the quality inspection process. To meet this challenge, not only a capable metrology but also a robust and comprehensive evaluation of the measurement data must be provided in order to inspect the quality of the specimens. This becomes particularly apparent when one considers how topographic data is used to compensate for manufacturing errors.

The Fraunhofer IPT has been active in the field of optics manufacturing and inspection for many years and has a wellfounded understanding of the evaluation of measured data. The work focuses on the development of individual, user-specific data processing software solutions and their modification and integration into existing evaluation programs.


The Fraunhofer IPT develops customized software - from algorithms to the final application. The work is in line with current IT standards that ensure the success of the project. These standards cover the definition and analysis of customer requirements, the design, implementation and testing of algorithms and the integration of the final software solutions into existing applications.



Contract development of software and integration into existing evaluation programs:

  • Filtering of surface data to conform with standards
  • Import of design data (e.g. aspherical, Zernike or Seidel coeffi cients or as NURBS)
  • Conversion of measurement data formats
  • Data segmentation
  • Rough and fine registration
  • Calculation of error map
  • Visualization of different surface information (e.g. topography, slope, curvature)
  • Determination of performance indicators pertaining to individual customers requirements
  • Fusion of data sets
  • Development of control and evaluation programs for interferometers