Fraunhofer Solution Days 2020 to 2021

Cross-industry optimization of production processes

with machine vision and non-destructive measuring and testing technology

As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, all industrial sectors are currently suffering from enormous cost pressure and increasing risks (including the implementation of hygiene regulations, reduced demand, rising raw material prices, etc.) Therefore there is a need for higher efficiency in  production and the optimization of production processes. However, companies are often unsure which technologies are suitable for this. In addition, there are current technological developments, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence or Big Data, which have already been implemented in some industries, but are only just at the beginning in many other areas.

At the Fraunhofer Solution Days, the digital Fraunhofer event from November 2020 to October 2021, Fraunhofer's Business Unit Vision is therefore presenting a cross-industry »Inline Quality Inspection Checkup« to support companies in optimizing their production and quality assurance processes.

The »Inline Quality Inspection Checkup« is on display at the Fraunhofer Business Unit Vision stand in the hall Maschinen- und Anlagenbau and consits, among others, of the following steps and measures:

  • Process acquisition and visualization and potential analysis for the use of inline-capable non-contact measuring and testing technologies
  • Thematic introduction to modern methods of optical measuring and testing technology as well as industry 4.0 or NDT/NDE 4.0
  • Derivation of a catalog of measures with cost-benefit estimation for concrete implementation
  • Identification of alternative courses of action to derive short, medium and long-term realization measures
  • Expert support throughout the entire development cycle of the implementation of agreed measures, etc.
  • In the field of NDT 4.0, the focus is also on the integration of intelligent sensor systems into existing network structures through interface standards such as OPC UA and DICONDE.
Six exhibits from Institutes at Fraunhofer's Business Unit Vision on different approaches and inspection technologies are on display that should help companies optimize their production and quality assurance processes. Depending on the specific application, different methods, or a combination of several, are useful. Selecting the most suitable method for each case is one of the main objectives of the institutes working together at Fraunhofer Vision.


Fraunhofer Vision offers and topics


3D quality inspection with digital twin

Technologies for planning and execution of optical inspection tasks


Virtual image processing for inline surface inspection

Tool for simulation and planning of machine vision systems


Non-destructive testing with terahertz measurement technology

for industrial coating thickness measurement or for mobile applications


Software and hardware components for industrial X-ray and CT systems

especially for special applications


NDE 4.0: Digital transformation and its impact on non-destructive testing

Interfaces for integration into IIoT networks and documentation options


Particle detection and precise 3D measurement on large functional surfaces in combination with marker-free identification

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